Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shake N' Bake

Bake McBride, a man's man. The who's who of great names in the Baseball World. Who did not love Bake McBride? Everyone who collected in the 70's and 80's can definitely reminisce about his afro protruding out from his baseball cap. He looked more like a Black Panther than a Major League Baseball Player. I would bet $100 dollars Bake had the telephone numbers of Richard Roundtree and Isaac Hayes on speed dial.

Bake McBride was born with the name first name Arnold. I would look for a cool nickname also if my parents named me Arnold or Gene. I just wonder how he got the name Bake? Wiki says it is short for Shake N' Bake. Was he at a High School dance where he busted several dance moves, thus his friends started calling him Shake N Bake. Was he the second half of a Shake N Bake team? If so who was Shake?

Bake had a very good Career Batting Average of .299 over a 11 year span, not to shabby. He had speed (physical kind) and won bling bling in the 1980 World Series with the Phillies.

I am sorry to hear that Bake retired in 1983 only to end up on the senior circuit and playing for the Orlando Juice in 1990. Seriously, the senior circuit? Bake, say it ain't so. I feel bad for Bake, he was a cardboard legend and you can tell he did not want to this photo to be taken of him. His eyes look lost, the bat looks tired on his shoulder.

I would of loved to watch the senior circuit play. Pulled hamstrings, bad backs, 50 mph fast balls and hard candy being passed out in the stands. It would have been a fun event to attend and reminisce with the players about their glory days. I do not remember how I stumbled upon 50 or so Senior Circuit cards, but even when I look at the Bake senior card, I block out his depressed look, and picture a smiling young Bake with his Afro popping out of his ball cap.

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