Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Kid on the Block

Welcome to my little corner of the World Wide Web known as the Surviving the Spoke Blog. What am I about? Just the 74,438th person to start a blog about their sports card collecting hobby. Born in 1977, started collecting in 1985...took a couple breaks during high school and college, then back to hoarding these fantistic rectangular card board cut outs.

A lot of people say collecting is not what it used to be. Either are cars, restaurants or monetary value. Everything changes physically, but the mentality of card collecting will always be the reason for me and hopefully others. I still scrounge money for a pack of Topps like I did in 1988, well now I scrounge to buy a whole box. Buying an entire box of cards when I was 10 was unimaginable, you had to be rich. I have found out you just need a job and less expensive gas bill.

Surviving the Spoke will share my life experiences of collecting, what made me stuff all these little rectangular cutouts into boxes.

So if you don't enjoy this blog, you may find more luck with the 74,439th blog about sports cards, but of course then you would be in the standing room only section at the Old Cleveland Munipal Stadium.

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